Immune Boost

Immune Boost

The common cold. Flu. RSV. COVID. Sinus infections. Sore throats. Croup.

It seems like the list of ailments we’re exposed to never ends, doesn’t it?

This time of year we’re bombarded with these and other viruses, but no year in recent times made us think more about viruses than 2020 did.

2020 will go down in history as a year that changed the way we live, the way we get an education, the way we do business, pretty much the way we do everything. One big change that we’ve noticed is people are looking for and using products to boost their immunity and keep themselves, and their family, safe and healthy. As we’re coming into the cold, winter months with viruses popping up everywhere, let us introduce you to our organic blend of essential oils that supports immunity and helps protect from germs. Meet your new germfighting BFF: Immune Boost.

Immune Boost is a “Thieves” type blend that brings together some powerhouse essential oils to fight all kinds of germs. According to legend, Thieves oil was created based upon four 15th century French thieves. These thieves spent their days robbing the sick, the dying, or the deceased. Although they did this during the time of a plague, they escaped becoming ill. Legend says they doused themselves in a concoction of herbs to protect themselves from illness. In turn, essential oil blends were created around this concoction to support immunity and protect the body from illness

While the name “Thieves” is a trademark of a multilevel marketing essential oil company, there are many essential oil blends from other brands that are based upon this same legend.

Immune Boost combines clove, cinnamon, rosemary, lemon, and eucalyptus essential oils to create a powerful blend of essential oils to boost your immune system and can support your body through times of illness. These essential oils are all potent germ fighters by themselves, but combining gives you the added benefits of all the other oils in the blend without needing to use a bunch of single essential oils. Immune Boom could also be used to help clear nasal passages and airways as it contains oils that have a great affinity for the respiratory system.

Use Immune Boost topically or aromatically to help ward of sickness and support the body when it does become ill. Immune Boom is a great choice to diffuse as you get the added benefit of cleansing the air while enjoying the aromatic properties in the blend. Additionally, you could make a personal inhaler for use on the go, especially when you find yourself exposed to people who are sick while you’re out and about. Topically, Immune Boom would make a great addition to a hand sanitizing product, or a lotion that you can apply to your skin for protection. It could also be added to a massage oil and massaged over the spine. This would also be a great blend to make a room/linen spray with or an all-purpose cleaner to help keep your environment clean and safe.

Here’s to staying well this winter with Immune Boost. Cheers!